META SEO inspector

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A Google Chrome extension useful to inspect the meta data found inside web pages, usually not visible while browsing.

Meta data is not just the usual HTML meta tags, but the XFN tags, various microformats, the recently introduced canonical attribute, the no-follow links and so on.

This extension is mainly aimed at web developers that need to verify the HTML of their site to follow the Webmasters' Google Guidelines, but even to who is curious about any page contents that are usually not visible, but can reveal interesting site properties.

Alerts are showed when the meta data is not within certain ranges, for example when the description tag is too short, or too long.

There are links to info-sites ( mainly SEO-oriented ) pointing to the exact page about the site you are watching. Feel free to request new links, I'll add only the good ones (there are many sites all showing the same data).
Anyway, in one of the next updates, the links list will be customizable.
2.0.8 moved "robots" in common tags - added "geo" group - GoogleMaps(tm) links for location data - IMG tags report and warning for missing ALT attribute.
2.0.7OpenGraph checker - tools added: Norton Safe Web, GPlus Ripples explorer
2.0.6Fixed case-sensitive issues - layout improvements - meta data is now grouped in "common", "opengraph", "twitter", "" and "other" - the pop-up reopens on the last used section - added check for invalid "value" attribute
2.0.5no follow highlight is back - options page, good for future additions! - added more social verification tools - added Nibbler too
2.0.4Restored and updated the "on-line tools" section - layout fixes
2.0.3small fix with missing meta content - 5 stars rating for HTML check - layout fixes - badge refresh - doctype fix
2.0.2added html, h1, h2 tags check.
2.0.1small fix
2.0.0rewrited to new guidelines - added rich snippets data - more warnings - moved data to popup
1.8.3Style fixes, speed improvements, basic HTML5 report.
1.8.2Added favicons to external scripts URLs, added links to tags explanations. Bugfixes.
1.8.1G+ profiles extractor.
1.8Added more unique prefixes to css classes, "always white text" fixed, custom font size, explained "description too long/short" values, removed "show visited links" it is not working anymore due to security issues, fixed head title (added warning and length count), improvements to the printable "page details", checked various sites for layout issues
1.7.10Fixed graphics issues, visible in latest Chrome Dev
1.7.9Meta "property" added (i.e. used by Facebook Social Graph) - basic "javascript in meta" fix
1.7.8Added the requested close button, and "Rich Snippets Testing Tool","Copyscape Plagiarism Checker","Keyword Density Analyzer" tool links
1.7.7Basic RDFa implementation.
1.7.6Graphic enhancements
1.7.5Fixed some tool links, edited some icons, added "content-language"
1.7.4Cleaned script tags, details page has more data, password safety warning, fixed font styles, meta links are clickable, linked images are showed, speed improvements.
1.7Added a printable details page, accessible from the popup options
1.6Quick link to the options page, "script" tag parsing (to detect analytics, libraries, etc. - hover item for full paths)
1.5.1Fixed a small bug with the webtools, and added two new sites.
1.5New icons, links to various webtools.
1.4Fixed nofollow links with only images - introduced warnings - parsed head title - improved microformats - added A REV detection.
1.3.1improved a[rel] handling, hidden link[archives], fixed refresh bug on unsleected tabs.
1.3XFN parsing fixes, inspector styles fix, added "commontags" parsing, custom colors via options page.
1.2Improved visited link style, improved inspector layout, added iframes count, fixed a bug with Google Reader (and maybe other ajax driven sites)
1.1Added "visited links" highlighter, better LINK and XFN support.
1.0First release