1. Why is vp31 codec 2x - 3x slower than [[codec:DivX]] codec ?
I have a simple test program which encodes, decodes and displays a single video [[search:stream]] ( at 2-3 fps ). It takes about 15% of CPU time when it uses [[codec:DivX]] codec, but 35% when the [[search:VP31]] codec is active. Is there any way to speed encoding/decoding with VP31 ? Or maybe VP31 is just much slower than DivX ?

VP3 is really slow. I have an Athlon 1.3 and DVD-rip uses more than 100% of my CPU, so the movie lag.

2. FourCC M4S2 Codec
Where can I download M4S2 Codec?

That should be the iso mpeg-4. Go here: [[;codec download]].
If you have windows media player 7 or higher get the first download, else get the second one.

3. What is DXGM codec
I have 3 video clips with *.avi extensions that i can not play. Using codec information software [[;GSpot]], i got an answer that i need a codec caled DXGM. Any idea what it is and where i can downlod it from?

This is actually just [[codec:divx]] format. They used video with this fourcc code in the video for the lord of the rings 3 game, and I wanted to watch it, so I simply Hex Edited the video files you change the top two 'dxgm' to 'divx' and then save, and you're set, using Ultraedit or another hex editor.