INDEO 3.2 / INDEO Video version 5.2

Indeo 3.2 was developed by Intel in the 1980's, and was originally knows as 'RealTime Video 2.1' (RT21). Indeo is very similar to the [[codec:cvid;Cinepak]] codec.

Indeo Video version 5.2 is the latest version of this codec:
  • Optimization of the Indeo Video 5 scalability feature
  • A wavelet compression algorithm that improves visual quality over previous versions of Indeo
  • Better compression at all levels of video quality than previous generation codecs
  • Playback performance enhancements including smoother, interpolated 'zoom by 2' playback
  • Indeo XP also includes the legacy codecs Indeo Video 3.2, Indeo Video 4.5, and Indeo Audio 2.5
  • For all Windows OS from Windows 95 to Windows XP