favourite Chrome extensions
  • Bubble Translate
    A translator extension for Google Chrome. You can translate text of websites from any language to yours. Bubble Translate use Google Translate for inline translations.
  • Fittr Flickr
    Chrome extension for enhancing the awesome photo sharing site, Flickr.
  • FlashBlock
    FlashBlock for Chrome. Press Alt+F for permanent unblocking. (also as GM userscript)
  • GetYouTube
    Adds links to YouTube to download video in different formats. Right click to save as different filename.
  • Glyphs
    Insert special character like ♥ or ♂ into textboxes.
  • RSS Subscription Extension
    Adds a button to the URL bar when a page has a feed that can be subscribed to. Clicking the button takes you to subscribe to a feed.
  • Teo's clock
    Shows the current time in a minimalistic and analogic way.